Steven Wong is da man!

Let’s get the important stuff out of the way first.  Well done to everybody who competed in Tour of Friendship this week!  But special mention is of course due to Steven Wong who brought home a first place position racing for ANZA Cycling in the 50-59 age category.  If you missed any of Don’s daily updates, scroll down and you’ll find them a few posts down.  If I’ve missed anybody, do let me know by emailing and we can update on the fly!

ANZA Cycling results:
Steven Wong 1st
Bill Oliver 12th

John Bateman 48th

Raoul Berthillon – Doing great right up until a rogue bidon felled him in stage 3, unfortunately giving him an excuse for a new bike (silver linings Raoul!)

Aiyana Currie 4th

And in the Open category racing for Team ANZA Direct Asia
Dave Christenson 6th
Mark Cook 8th
Peter Bennett 24th
Dave Cox 27th
Don MacDonald 29th
Tsun Hin Chiu 30th
Chun Yip Law 34th
Pierre Alain Scherwey unfortunately had to withdraw while in the yellow jersey due to work committments 😦

And a special mention to friends and recently ex ANZA riders Sarah Doyle 2nd in the ladies and Jimmy Guardino 15th in the open.

You may have read that due to a number of relocations and retirements from the committee, there will be an EGM in early June to elect a new committee and agree some changes to the club constitution.

We at RTI are hereby offering space to anybody who plans to stand for a committee position to present their manifesto and case to be elected.  This offer is open to all, whether existing members re-standing or prospective committee members.  I’m sure the club members would like to hear what you want to achieve during your time on the committee.

Mersing Trip
Another reminder that the mersing trip is coming up in 2 weeks time (17th/18th May).  I know it clashes with the Bintan Triathlon, but for those of you who prefer to focus on the beautiful art of cycling, the Mersing trip is a great opportunity to get some serious miles in and to get to know your fellow members much better.  Nico is organising, so you should let him know if you want to come, or simply let us know at and we’ll pass on the message.

Kuantan Trip
And the second trip of the ‘summer’ to Kuantan on the weekend of June 1st is struggling to justify hiring a bus due to lack of support.  If you are interested in this trip, now is the time to put your name forward.  Dave Powell will be organizing a coach to go up there but only if there are enough people.  Contact Dave directly or email us here at and we’ll pass on the information. 

On to the articles
My co-editor/author has been away racing and all the usual suspects who provide us with material have been with him, so thank goodness for Martin who like clockwork has provided Tri-Corner for you.  For my part, I have focussed on the family side of cycling this week, with a write up of a great trip to Chiang Mai with SpiceRoads.

Read, enjoy, comment and please, if you enjoy RTI, we need you to help us with articles.

Finally, don’t forget the new starting place for our 7am Saturday rides.  Food Canopy.  If you find yourself at the Long House all alone, then just sit tight for 15 minutes, all the rides will be coming along shortly.

Weather permitting, get out there and ride, but as always, let’s be careful out there!

P.S. I’ve had the tech team working to try to pull together a photo gallery and want to give it a bit of a beta test.  In the RTI menu at the top of the page, you should find a new link to a photo gallery or click here If you have time, can you play with it and see if it works.  Comments below or back to me at

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