Tour of Friendship | stage 3

Apologies for posting the report a day late. After a hard 130km queen stage – 90km for ladies and 50s – my wife’s rising frustration with being a cycling widow saw me having to fulfill my family duties. Instead of the usual lie down, massage and coffee I ended up sightseeing and shopping – hence the missed report. Do ask me privately on my thoughts about bringing the family to long bike races….

Anyway, key highlights in the race was the big 4km hill (think hard side Faber and Pepys mix) and a 40km sawtooth section with some sketchy descents.

in the open, the pros attacked us hard at the KoM and we lost our yellow jersey. Dave Christenson remains top 10 but a few minutes back.

raoul scraped a top 10 in 30s w a gutsy performance.

steven Wongs domination of 50s continued and he extended the GC lead further over key rivals.

3 days done – everyone still upright and healthy


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