Tour of Friendship | stage 4

An easier looking day on paper. 103km, mostly flat with a 3km climb up a dam at the end.

open started fast – with a 43km average for the1st 10km as the break tried to get established. With that done, we then settled down to an easy speed and it was a quiet procession for the next 30km.

things went nuts at 40km when the pros sped it up and we hit over 65 during the attacks which completely shattered the group. Pete Bennett and Dave Christenson made group 2. Dave cox, myself and a mav then ground the last 60km ourselves to the dam where the 30s just caught us 😦

Mark Cook from Direct Asia Anza celebrated his birthday in style by bringing home our 2nd stage win of the tour!

Steven Wong smashed it again – winning the stage and putting more time into his rivals. He would have podiumed in 30s also with a great ride up the dam.

Raoul was taken out by a rogue bottle at 60km an hour but is thankfully ok. A busted bike and Anza jersey being his biggest loss.

aiyana got 3rd we think but waiting for results.

1 day to go. I’ve had a beer already and desperate for a burger to celebrate the end tomorrow.


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