Tour of friendship | stage 2

ImageToday was a good day for the team but bitter sweet. Due to a last minute work commitment, Pierre Alain has to leave the race tonight to fly to India. As a result, our plan from the start was to get PA into the break and try get the yellow jersey.

The race was a 120km scoot up the highway from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi. Fortunately the Highway of Death didn’t live up to its name and today was actually quite nice. We started with a 20km neutralized section through BKK – at 38km/hr average.

Immediately when the neutral section ended, we were into a set of searing attacks at 55-60km/ hr until a break with the right composition stuck. For us, that included PA and Dave Christenson and so we were ecstatic back in the bunch.

We spent the next 80 km closing down any break together with the Mavs and crusing at a comfortable 40km average. Dave C took the sprint and PA came 5th. This left us with 1 and 2 on the Open GC – a great result for the team.

In the ladies, Aiyana went up to 5th in GC after finishing 3rd in the stage.

Steven Wong rode strongly again – retaining the yellow jersey in 50s.

Raoul and John both going well in their age groups.

All in all, a good day but a great shame to lose PA when he’s in the yellow.

Tomorrow brings the first decent hills and more 40 degree temperatures…



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