Tour of friendship | prologue

My dreams of doing a quality live blog from ToF evaporated today when my iPad died on me. Surprisingly hard to do it via an iPhone so my reports will be shorter than hoped.

Today’s prologue was a 7km out and back on the same course as every year. However much to the consternation of some, all aero TT gear – including clip ins and helmets – was banned on Thursday so times were expected to be slower than usual.

Most didn’t seem to listen as average speeds were mostly higher than last year. For ANZA TDA, Pierre finished 4th in a time of 9.23. Dave Christenson 7th, Dave cox 17th and I’m down at 22-23 I think.

Aiyana faces stiff competition from the Japanese national champion in her race. She currently sits in 6.

Steven Wong did the ANZA colors proud and beasted the 50s cat in sub 10 mins. He starts tomorrow in a well deserved yellow.

Today was 37 degrees. Tomorrow is meant to be the hottest day on record in Thailand. Perfect for a 120km race up the expressway.

Follow the action at:

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