Trips Galore!

First things first.  Good luck to the lads and lasses from ANZA Cycling heading up to Thailand this weekend for the Tour of Friendship.  My co-editor, Don, has promised to try to ‘live-blog’ the race.  Not sure he really means live-blog, could be a dangerous thing riding and typing, but let’s see what he comes up with.  To get the updates notified direct to your inbox, you need to ‘follow’ the blog.  If you’re on a PC, the follow link should be to the right of this post.

Mersing and Kuantan

Malaysia MapThere are 2 upcoming club weekend trips.  On the 17th May Nico is organising a van supported trip to Mersing.  Rough itinerary is Saturday morning – bum boats from changi village.  Ride past Desaru and up the coast to Mersing, about 180km.  Sunday, ride back via
Woodlands crossing, about 160km.  Nico has posted on the club facebook page, please reply to him if you are interested, or email us at

Then on the 1st June, there is the Kuantan Century ride.  We take a bus up on the Saturday, talk rubbish, get to know your club mates better, ride 100 miles (160km) on the Sunday, apparently its not a race even though there is a start gun, you have a timing chip and there is a prize for first place, then take the bus back, drink beer, tell each other how we could have won if only… and get to know each other even better.  Its a great weekend and a great ride.  Dave Powell is organizing the bus for that, and you should let him know if you are interested or email us at

Farewell to the Longhouse

As you should all know now, the Longhouse is no more, and from tomorrow, the new Saturday meeting point will be Food Canopy on Cluny Road.  2 Pictures for you.  One awesome club photo from John McCann which deserves its place in one of those history of Singapore blogs.



Food CanopyaAnd one small map to show you where Food Canopy is.  Click the map to see a bigger one if your eyesight is going the same way mine is.

Don has been putting his tapering to good use and working hard for your entertainment and we have 2 items from him this week as well as a couple more stocking fillers (sorry Martin 😉

Road Report


And with that, Let’s all be careful out there this weekend and I’ll see you at Food Canopy.  If you’re at the Longhouse and there is nobody there, don’t say we didn’t warn you!


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