Tour Of Friendship | The Road to Thailand

Sunday lunchtime and I’ve just finished the 2nd of 2 burgers. Just reward for three back to back hard days and the multitude of early mornings leading up to this weeks Tour of Friendship. I’ve got 5 pretty easy days ahead to taper before all hell kicks off in Saturdays Time Trial.

ToF is an annual ritual for many of the more racing minded in the region and this mornings Hammer ride was a sure sign that people are taking in seriously and are in form. Words like tapering and skinsuit were being bandied around by some of the shredded leg crowd and it’s clearly a target for many. My contribution to serious training was limited to switching from latte to americano (lower fat!) and dropping  my lunchtime cake habit. I’m at 64kg with veins popping like superman with a viagra addiction. I’m also a realist and know that it’s not good veins that win races like this.


For most, ToF is the closest that we’ll ever come to playing at being a real bike racer. 5 days in the hills of Thailand with a race convoy, motorbike support and a nightly awards ceremony. For $700 -including hotel and food – it’s an absolute bargain and one I can’t recommend enough. The downside is that the racing is super hard, over some serious hills whilst battling 41 degree heat.

2014 looks easier than last years buttock smasher and definitely a bit flatter. Five stages and around 600km – including a TT, 2 hilly stages and 2 flatter ones.

ANZA is fielding a number of riders this year including:

  • Open: Pierre Alain, Dave Cox, Peter Bennett, myself with a handful of Direct Asia HK boys that we’ll hook up with
  • 30s: Raoul
  • 40s: John Bateman, Nico Las
  • 50s: Steven Wong, Bill Olver
  • Ladies: Aiyana

If WiFi and energy levels permit then I’ll aim to give you a daily update from the arse end of the Open peloton.


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