The art of naming Strava rides

When I get back from a ride, there are various things that can be done upon walking in the door. I can either:

  1. Give the wife a kiss
  2. Grab some food
  3. Take my festering body straight to the shower
  4. Stink up the couch and upload my Strava data.

As a heartless, stinking Scotsman, I inevitably always go for #4 and the comforting embrace of Strava. Normally, I upload my rides immediately and give them reasonably factual boring names like “5.30 Rats w Fast Kranji” which describe where I went and/or what type of intervals I was doing.

After a recent ride where the GPS trail looked like pants (the “Y Front ride”) – I changed my naming convention for once & the data-geek in me, noticed that you get a lot more interaction/likes/comments as a result. This got me thinking about the various sub-groups naming conventions out there….

What style are you & whats the best Strava ride name you’ve ever seen?

strava naming

Tell us which one best describes you or what other categories you would create.

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