Caption Competition #4

What was it don said about when the cupboard is bare the caption competition comes out.

The overwhelming winner of #2

caption-2 - sock winnerYour chance to choose the winner of #3. I think we can all guess the level of smutty humour we have here, and it’s lucky certain members aren’t a part of the diplomatic corps.  A reminder of the photo and the poll for you to choose a winner (or is that weiner?)

Caption 3

And Finally caption competition #4.  On th eway to the Bintan Classic.  This time, we’re going for “What is Sean thinking” rather than “what is Sean saying”.  As usual, answers in the comments please.  If you’re on a phone/tablet and you don’t see the “leave reply” comments area, try clicking the title of this post which will take you to a seperate page that should have the ability to leave comments.  Thinking caps on ladies and gentlemen.

Caption 4


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