Man vs. Heat… Heat wins!

It’s a short week so we thought we’d bring you RTI a day early, and after Don’s struggle with the empty content cupboard last week, we have a veritable pile of material for you this week. For me, last weekend was Bintan Classic weekend, and Bintan, hearing I was coming, put on a special show to keep up it’s unbeaten record when it comes to races…

The results are out, let’s go live over to the teleprinter to see how the teams are doing… B4A0 DSCN1319

That’s how I felt on Sunday.  It was unbelievably hot, but that didn’t stop the hardy boys and girls of ANZA from putting on a show.  Well done to all, and I’ll let the race reports do the talking.  Bintan, I will be back in November to pull one back!

Sun Warning What did come from the day was a confirmation that if you’re out in the full midday sun then you need to take extra precautions against sunburn on your back.  I’ll spare the blushes of our 2 ANZA ladies but their burns were worse than those of Mr. Benson from a few weeks before.  In Singapore with rides starting at 7am, new kit can lah!  In Malaysia or Indonesia with rides lasting 4 hours over midday, new kit cannot, new kit plus sunscreen on back can lah! So what have we got for you this week?

With that, I’ll leave you to get yourselves ready for the weekends riding.  Remember, its a holiday tomorrow so there will be a Good Friday RTI from Rats Corner at 6am, and then on Saturday we will wave a fond farewell to the Longhouse as our gathering point. That just leaves me to say… Let’s be careful out there! Ed.

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