Raiding the RTI content cupboard

After weeks of shooting some quality content out the pipes, Sunday brought the harsh realization  that we’re running on empty and got nothing left in the RTI tank. Obviously wise to the looming crisis, my partner in crime (Cherriman) bailed out to spend some quality riding time in Chiang Mai…

We do maintain an emergency stash of content under the bed for just such situations – why else do you think we have Caption Contest – but even that was looking barren. Cue an AG2R brown bibs moment…

empty shelves

Thankfully Cycling is a team sport and various other riders came to my aid this week & enabled us to get another packed issue out to you. Special thanks go to Aiyana, who turned pro this week purely to give us some content from the Tour Of Thailand. She also chicked the Cat 1 boys by turning in her race report within 24 hours – whereas the Perth team took 2 weeks!

Best of luck to those racing Bintan on Sunday – smash it up and keep it safe. Best wishes to the short sleeved, pointy helmeted multisporters doing Putrajaya Ironman too – I hope you have a ,er,  great transition!

Till next week. Keep shaving those legs and reaching for the bars.


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