A Word From The Sponsors | DirectAsia.com


Whether you’re going overseas to cycle or taking the family on holiday during the upcoming Easter break then check out our travel insurance.

At DirectAsia.com we guarantee you’ll pay up to 40% less than when you buy either through your travel agent, bank or airline.

And just because we’re cheaper doesn’t mean we cut corners on your cover. Read the testimonials from our customers who are giving us great feedback on our award-winning customer service and you’ll understand why they’re renewing their policies year on year.

We also know and understand the needs of Expat cyclists living in Singapore. All our policies are tailor-made to suit individual needs which means you’re not forking out for any extra cover you don’t need. For instance our travel insurance will keep you covered whilst cycling on the road and during events so long as you’re not entering professionally and being paid to cycle. Any injuries you incur will be covered on your policy. And if you’re travelling with the family then we offer great family packages. You can choose to buy your travel insurance for a single trip or check out our annual cover, which will keep you protected on all your overseas trips whether for business or pleasure throughout the year.

More reasons to choose DirectAsia.com for your travel insurance:

  • Call our 24/7 emergency number from around the world and our global help team will assist you immediately.
  • We’ll get you home safely from around the world.
  • From a cycling trip in Phuket to a family holiday in Australia, we have the right cover for you at the right price.

Get a quote today and check out our insurance for car, motorcycle, term-life and home. www.DirectAsia.com.

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