A sad week

I’m sure most of you are aware of the tragic death of a participant in the OCBC Super Challenge last weekend.  I think we are all saddened when we hear of a fellow cycling losing their lives, in particular, perhaps, when it occurs while they are doing the thing that we all love.  My thoughts are with his family.

For this week, we do have a couple of write ups (Adults and Kids Race)from the OCBC weekend, and in particular I want to say a huge well done to Aiyana for her 2nd place in the ladies crit!  Fantastic work, keep it up, I also hear you are competing this week, so it would be great to hear all about it when you have time to put pen to paper.

We have our regular Tri-Corner, start to say farewell to the Longhouse as our regular meeting place, and the caption competition is back with a winner to #1, the vote for #2 and a new one for your amusement.

IWe’ll leave you with the wise words from our resident LTA contact, but as always….

Lets be careful out there!

Dave “Road Report” Powell

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