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Tour of Friendship | stage 5

And so it ends. In a dirty car park in the middle of nowhere. The sadness of seeing 300 riders trying to quickly pack their bikes boxes in the blistering heat. After 5 days playing at bike racing, there’s a whiff of melancholy in the air.


Today’s stage was 90km, totally flat and on good roads. It ended in a sprint for all categories and some super quick speeds. In open, we averaged closed to 44km/hr for the 93km. The win was taken by Wisut from the local Singha Infinite team. I actually saw him take a business call during the race when we were going at 50km+.

All Anza finished safely in their respective bunches.

A great 5 days racing yet again and absolute hands off to Kai for putting on such a great race. I encourage everyone to consider it for next year.

Tour of Friendship | stage 4

An easier looking day on paper. 103km, mostly flat with a 3km climb up a dam at the end.

open started fast – with a 43km average for the1st 10km as the break tried to get established. With that done, we then settled down to an easy speed and it was a quiet procession for the next 30km.

things went nuts at 40km when the pros sped it up and we hit over 65 during the attacks which completely shattered the group. Pete Bennett and Dave Christenson made group 2. Dave cox, myself and a mav then ground the last 60km ourselves to the dam where the 30s just caught us ūüė¶

Mark Cook from Direct Asia Anza celebrated his birthday in style by bringing home our 2nd stage win of the tour!

Steven Wong smashed it again – winning the stage and putting more time into his rivals. He would have podiumed in 30s also with a great ride up the dam.

Raoul was taken out by a rogue bottle at 60km an hour but is thankfully ok. A busted bike and Anza jersey being his biggest loss.

aiyana got 3rd we think but waiting for results.

1 day to go. I’ve had a beer already and desperate for a burger to celebrate the end tomorrow.


Tour of Friendship | stage 3

Apologies for posting the report a day late. After a hard 130km queen stage – 90km for ladies and 50s – my wife’s rising frustration with being a cycling widow saw me having to fulfill my family duties. Instead of the usual lie down, massage and coffee I ended up sightseeing and shopping – hence the missed report. Do ask me privately on my thoughts about bringing the family to long bike races….

Anyway, key highlights in the race was the big 4km hill (think hard side Faber and Pepys mix) and a 40km sawtooth section with some sketchy descents.

in the open, the pros attacked us hard at the KoM and we lost our yellow jersey. Dave Christenson remains top 10 but a few minutes back.

raoul scraped a top 10 in 30s w a gutsy performance.

steven Wongs domination of 50s continued and he extended the GC lead further over key rivals.

3 days done – everyone still upright and healthy


Tour of friendship | stage 2

ImageToday was a good day for the team but bitter sweet. Due to a last minute work commitment, Pierre Alain has to leave the race tonight to fly to India. As a result, our plan from the start was to get PA into the break and try get the yellow jersey.

The race was a 120km scoot up¬†the highway from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi. Fortunately the Highway of Death didn’t live up to its name and today was actually quite nice. We started with a 20km neutralized section through BKK – at 38km/hr average.

Immediately when the neutral section ended, we were into a set of searing attacks at 55-60km/ hr until a break with the right composition stuck. For us, that included PA and Dave Christenson and so we were ecstatic back in the bunch.

We spent the next 80 km closing down any break together with the Mavs and crusing at a comfortable 40km average. Dave C took the sprint and PA came 5th. This left us with 1 and 2 on the Open GC – a great result for the team.

In the ladies, Aiyana went up to 5th in GC after finishing 3rd in the stage.

Steven Wong rode strongly again – retaining the yellow jersey in 50s.

Raoul and John both going well in their age groups.

All in all, a good day but a great shame to lose PA when he’s in the yellow.

Tomorrow brings the first decent hills and more 40 degree temperatures…



Tour of friendship | prologue

My dreams of doing a quality live blog from ToF evaporated today when my iPad died on me. Surprisingly hard to do it via an iPhone so my reports will be shorter than hoped.

Today’s prologue was a 7km out and back on the same course as every year. However much to the consternation of some, all aero TT gear – including clip ins and helmets – was banned on Thursday so times were expected to be slower than usual.

Most didn’t seem to listen as average speeds were mostly higher than last year. For ANZA TDA, Pierre finished 4th in a time of 9.23. Dave Christenson 7th, Dave cox 17th and I’m down at 22-23 I think.

Aiyana faces stiff competition from the Japanese national champion in her race. She currently sits in 6.

Steven Wong did the ANZA colors proud and beasted the 50s cat in sub 10 mins. He starts tomorrow in a well deserved yellow.

Today was 37 degrees. Tomorrow is meant to be the hottest day on record in Thailand. Perfect for a 120km race up the expressway.

Follow the action at:

Trips Galore!

First things first. ¬†Good luck to the lads and lasses from ANZA Cycling heading up to Thailand this weekend for the Tour of Friendship. ¬†My co-editor, Don, has promised to try to ‘live-blog’ the race. ¬†Not sure he really means live-blog, could be a dangerous thing riding and typing, but let’s see what he comes up with. ¬†To get the updates notified direct to your inbox, you need to ‘follow’ the blog. ¬†If you’re on a PC, the follow link should be to the right of this post.

Mersing and Kuantan

Malaysia MapThere are 2 upcoming club weekend trips.  On the 17th May Nico is organising a van supported trip to Mersing.  Rough itinerary is Saturday morning Рbum boats from changi village.  Ride past Desaru and up the coast to Mersing, about 180km.  Sunday, ride back via
Woodlands crossing, about 160km.  Nico has posted on the club facebook page, please reply to him if you are interested, or email us at

Then on the 1st June, there is the Kuantan Century ride. ¬†We take a bus up on the Saturday, talk rubbish, get to know your club mates better, ride 100 miles (160km) on the Sunday, apparently its not a race even though there is a start gun, you have a timing chip and there is a prize for first place, then take the bus back, drink beer, tell each other how we could have won if only… and get to know each other even better. ¬†Its a great weekend and a great ride. ¬†Dave Powell is organizing the bus for that, and you should let him know if you are interested or¬†email us at

Farewell to the Longhouse

As you should all know now, the Longhouse is no more, and from tomorrow, the new Saturday meeting point will be Food Canopy on Cluny Road.  2 Pictures for you.  One awesome club photo from John McCann which deserves its place in one of those history of Singapore blogs.



Food CanopyaAnd one small map to show you where Food Canopy is.  Click the map to see a bigger one if your eyesight is going the same way mine is.

Don has been putting his tapering to good use and working hard for your entertainment and we have 2 items from him this week as well as a couple more stocking fillers (sorry Martin ūüėČ

Road Report


And with that, Let’s all be careful out there this weekend and I’ll see you at Food Canopy. ¬†If you’re at the Longhouse and there is nobody there, don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Tour Of Friendship | The Road to Thailand

Sunday lunchtime and I’ve just finished the 2nd of 2 burgers. Just reward for three back to back hard days and the multitude of early mornings leading up to this weeks Tour of Friendship. I’ve got 5 pretty easy days ahead to taper before all hell kicks off in Saturdays Time Trial.

ToF is an annual ritual for many of the more racing minded in the region and this mornings Hammer ride was a sure sign that people are taking in seriously and are in form. Words like tapering and skinsuit were being bandied around by some of the shredded leg crowd and it’s clearly a target for many. My contribution to serious training was limited to switching from latte to americano (lower fat!) and dropping ¬†my lunchtime cake habit. I’m at 64kg with veins popping like superman with a viagra addiction. I’m also a realist and know that it’s not good veins¬†that win races like this.


For most, ToF is the closest that we’ll ever come to playing at being a real bike racer. 5 days in the hills of Thailand with a race convoy, motorbike support and a nightly awards ceremony. For $700 -including hotel and food – it’s an absolute bargain and one I can’t recommend enough. The downside is that the racing is super hard, over some serious hills whilst battling 41 degree heat.

2014 looks easier than last years buttock smasher and definitely a bit flatter. Five stages and around 600km – including a TT, 2 hilly stages and 2 flatter ones.

ANZA is fielding a number of riders this year including:

  • Open: Pierre Alain, Dave Cox, Peter Bennett, myself¬†with a¬†handful of Direct Asia HK boys that we’ll hook up with
  • 30s: Raoul
  • 40s: John Bateman, Nico Las
  • 50s: Steven Wong, Bill Olver
  • Ladies: Aiyana

If WiFi and energy levels permit then I’ll aim to give you a daily update from the arse end of the Open peloton.


The art of naming Strava rides

When I get back from a ride, there are various things that can be done upon walking in the door. I can either:

  1. Give the wife a kiss
  2. Grab some food
  3. Take my festering body straight to the shower
  4. Stink up the couch and upload my Strava data.

As a heartless, stinking Scotsman, I inevitably always go for #4 and the comforting embrace of Strava. Normally, I upload my rides immediately and give them reasonably factual boring names like “5.30 Rats w Fast Kranji” which describe where I went and/or what type of intervals I was doing.

After a recent ride where the GPS trail looked like pants (the “Y Front ride”) – I changed my naming convention for once & the data-geek in me, noticed that you get a lot more interaction/likes/comments as a result. This got me thinking about the various sub-groups naming conventions out there….

What style are you & whats the best Strava ride name you’ve ever seen?

strava naming

Tell us which one best describes you or what other categories you would create.

Tri-Corner 2014-04-25



Martin Reynolds – Tri Director

Forthcoming Races

Mark your diaries for the 2XU 113k Triathlon which comprises of a 2km swim; 90km Bike and 21km Run to be held at Desaru, Malaysia on Saturday 16th August.¬† This race used to be a key fixture on the local tri calendar and its combination of searing heat, rolling hills and a ‚Äėno frills‚Äô approach to pretty much everything guaranteed a fun day!¬† You can do it as a day trip by car from SGP quite easily or stay in one of the ‚Äėluxury‚Äô Desaru hotels.¬† To sign up visit

¬†Thanyapura Triathlon Super Camp ‚Äď August 23-30th, 2014

A reminder for those interested in some very high quality training.¬† For further details on the camp got To register your interest ‚Äď please PM me or e-mail me :

 App of the week

Spirit level ‚Äď included in iOS7.¬† The bubble or spirit level is not among the headlining features of iOS 7, but if you are assembling your bike and in need a of a level, it can save you a trip to the DIY store or the App Store for a third-party app.¬† Apple didn’t grant the humble bubble level its own app, instead choosing to hide it within the Compass app. If you look carefully, you’ll notice the new Compass app for iOS 7 includes two dots at the bottom of the screen, denoting a second page exists. And if you swipe to reveal that second page, you’ll encounter the bubble level. The level works when you hold your iPhone horizontally:


And it goes green when you are completely level: