Preparation Is Everything

Many thanks to Nicolas who has stuck his neck out and offered to help act as arranger and coordinator for a couple of trips for the club this year.  Since we started this over in RTI towers, we wanted to give Nicolas the maximum airtime to make them a roaring success.

So here is the plan so far.  If you are interested, save the date in your diaries and let Nicolas know per the instructions below.

“Ride to Mersing – 17th and 18th of May
Fellow riding explorers, we are coming back to you with some embryonic plan for club trips. Many thanks to those of you who have taken our survey on the ANZA Facebook page.

The first proposed ride will be directed to Mersing on 17th and 18th of May. Please register your interest by sending an email to Nicolas ( who will coordinate the excursion. The format will be a two day trip from Singapore to Mersing and back:

  • Departure by bum boat from Changi on the Saturday
  • 180 km car/van supported ride to Mersing
  • Overnight in Mersing – Beer, banter, great food!
  • 160 km car/van supported ride back to Johor and Woodlands on the Sunday.

More details to follow.

The second trip will be to Kuala Lumpur tentatively on 14th and 15th of June, with rides to Genting and Frasers. Just in time to sharpen your climbing legs before heading to the Tourmalet.

Ride safe and selamat jalan

Now on to this weeks fun and banter.  It was fantastic to see the ANZA guys sporting the Team Direct Asia kit down in Perth this week.  All going well so far, keep it up and have a blast guys!  Good luck to anybody entering the various OCBC events this weekend, as always, please, please, send photos to so we can give full glory and credit to your efforts.  Anybody who wants to do a write up (quick or long) is more than welcome as I dearly need a week off.

This week we have Tri-Corner, some really bad kit, and the Great KL Caper.  Read on, and enjoy, but most of all…

Let’s be careful out there

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