The Rain Is Back

Sunday saw the end of the long dry spell, so it’s back to normal, and for me back to hoping the rain will finish in time to ride home from work without getting soaked.

Our club secretary, Andrew Kinder, shared a link in Facebook following a tragic accident which claimed the lives of several cyclists and that link took me to another video that strangely hit a nerve and that I wanted to share with you.

You see on my daily commute, which these days is usually trying to hit an average power number, I find anything that gets in the way of that power number an annoyance.  Most of those things are of the four wheeled variety and I will generally go left, right, around or between to avoid having to actually stop.  Fortunately I have not yet gone either over or under in my attempts to keep high on the power curve, and I hope that day will never come.

So, for some reason this particular video resonated with me.  So I decided I’ll try to do my bit to live harmoniously with my fellow road users and hope that if I can stop just one driver becoming annoyed then they might think twice the next time they see a cyclist on the road.

you can see it here on youtube or if you are interested, you can see it on the dedicated website

Dear Motorist Video on YouTube

Dear Motorist Web Site

The Metasprint Duathlon was last weekend, so Martin has the lowdown on the results in Tri-Corner, he also features as our under the helmet subject this week.  We want you to help decide the caption competition winner and there is another for you to try your hand at this week.  Finally, Pierre-Alain was out racing for Team Direct Asia in the first of what we hope will be many outings for the ANZA elite squad and so we have a write up from that race.

That’s the lot for this week, but as ever, remembering the video, and in the immortal words of Hill Street Blues…

Let’s be careful out there!

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