Tri-Corner 2014-03-14



Martin Reynolds – Tri Director

Calendar Of Events

We’ve added in the Tri events from the region to the calendar so you’ll see them in the “Upcoming Events” page and sidebar (bottom bar if you’re on a tablet I think)

Metasprint Duathlon

Good Luck to those doing the Metasprint Duathlon this Sunday – expecting fast times at the F1 pit lane!  Send your photos to and we will publish for posterity.

Sentosa Swim

No sentosa swim this Saturday – next session will be March 22nd at 3pm

App of the week

Sportstats – The Sportstats application enables each user to instantly review results from any events on the Sportstats server since 1997. The website itself is a pretty cool repository for many (though not all) global Triathlon race results.  The app itself gets updated surprisingly quickly so you can check out your performance on the way back from a race!

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