Random Ramblings

We’re feeling a bit random this week here in RTI towers. No solid theme has emerged, so I thought I’d reinforce this Brownian motion of thinking with the random events and thoughts that have occurred to me over the course of my cycling week.

Dumb and Dumber
With apologies to the committee who I know don’t like car driver comments. On Bukit Timah road on Wednesday evening cycling home on my extended commute, a driver from the left road does the usual maneuver of edging out into the road regardless of what is coming.  I end up leaning on the drivers window as he huddles up next to me and we continue along the road. Finally he looks a bit surprised and takes offence that I’m in his way.  I wave politely 😉  500 meters later a different car beeps his horn (I’m in the inside lane, exactly where I should be and there is traffic all around, so where does he want to go? As he goes past he is driving one handed with a phone camera pointed at me looking out the passenger window, presumably to video me. So, he’s driving one handed, not looking where he is going, in heavy traffic. I assume he thought I was doing something wrong?

Baby Steps
Speaking of driving habits. I went past one of the electronic signs, it said “Be Considerate Signal Early”.  I couldn’t help thinking there was one word too many!

Sheares BridgeNew Route Home
I was studying the map looking for a better route to Bukit Timah from the CBD. Has anybody noticed this?  But since the opening of the MCE it looks like Benjamin Sheares Bridge is now the best route as it doesn’t become an expressway until after the Rochor Road exit. Not sure the taxi drivers know that yet, they keep beeping at me.  Maybe they think I’m attractive in my lycra.

Bukit Batok
OMG, how much building are they doing out at Bukit Batok! I did warn you they were random cycling thoughts.

Strange one this
I wasn’t sure what to make of this one. I was in the middle lane heading to the Clementi Flyover. A police motorcyclist beeps his horn at me as he passes. He doesn’t say anything or stop to explain or tell me I’m doing something wrong. Perhaps he was showing support for my training efforts.

Weekend Duathlon
For those of you taking part or supporting at this Sunday’s Metasprint Duathlon, good luck and let’s have some photos of your efforts.  We want to start using the photo gallery feature of this blog but need something worth displaying.  Photos to anzacycling.rti.ed@gmail.com and we’ll do the rest.

Ok, that’s it for the random thoughts. On to the random articles. The kit is clearly the hot topic of the week, and since we have literary longings, it has inspired poetry in our members.  Also we’re seeking your feedback, so click some buttons and let’s see what you think about the kit. Not content with blasting the east coast, Massimo has been overseas for some mountain biking adventures, Don has been seeking out alternative routes for you to try again, and we’re looking for some brave organisers.

Read on, enjoy and post your comments, but above all…

Let’s be careful out there.


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