This climb is murder, literally!

Google ‘Lorong Sesuai’ and you’ll find it’s actually been the scene of some of the grisliest incidents in relatively recent Singapore history – including murder, rape and dumped corpses.  It’s an eerily quiet place surrounded by thick vegetation – often dead (pun not intended) silent if you’re there in the predawn hours. Bizarrely I’ve almost crashed there twice in the early morning from black cats running across my path on the descent!

Its also home to a relatively short but consistently grueling climb. Strava lists the climb as being only 400m long but with an 11% gradient, it feels much longer. The road itself is totally straight for much of the way with an unwavering gradient and with the surrounding quiet, the sharp pained tunnel vision of a hard climb  soon appears.

imageDaylight reveals another side to the climb as you realize that the road actually leads to the Japanese WW2 war memorial (next to the Old Ford Factory). The dawn also brings out a lot of hill runners and those bizarre people that like to power walk backwards down hills. The backwards walk is presumably to ward off the evil spirits – if not, their fluro running gear surely does the trick…

Its literally metres off the standard 5.30 Saturday Rats ride so might suggest we stop by early one morning. a real hidden gem of a climb with a largely unknown history. Give Faber a break for a while and go check the mid-island humps.


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