Got Time – Help Wanted!

So here we are in the heart of Southeast Asia.  Hot and humid it may be but we surely have some of the most picturesque riding territory in the world.  Every time I ride along the coast in Bintan, assuming I’m not biting the handlebar and chanting HTFU to myself, I marvel at the view and wonder what it would be like to go back to riding round Richmond Park once a week.

BintanAround us are several great rides which can be done as one day or two day trips with an overnight stay to sample the local food and drink.  Apart from specific race training rides, which are often not suitable or desirable for the club at large, and last years Kuantan Century Ride, I can’t recall a single clubwide trip last year and I can’t help thinking that is a real shame.

In the past we have done 2 days to Mersing and back, 2 days to Kota Tinggi, one day and 2 day Batam trips, 1 day and 2 day Bintan trips, and of course the legendary Genting and Fraser’s Hill trip.  These are all great fun to do but they do need a little bit of organisation.  Headcounts need to be agreed, hotels booked or at least identified so people can book themselves, support vehicles are sometimes wanted and often we end up with a mixed ability group so how to split the group needs to be decided.

Those who have done this before know that it’s not hard but it does need a bit of time committment to see it through, but once it’s done, it’s much easier the second time.

So what am I asking?  I’m sure you can see where this is going!  We need a couple of people with some time on their hands who would be willing to take a crack at being trip organizers.  To come up with a diary or potential trips (not too ambitious) and start guaging interest.

Does that sound like something you would be willing to do?  I’m sure there would be some free beer in it for the brave volunteer as gratitude flooded in.

Let us know by emailing

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