Thrashing The Yike Bike

I count myself lucky that I work for one of the Island’s most cycling friendly companies. In the run up to Cycle Singapore, there’s always increased focus on riding related promo activities and I’ve had the chance to ride with Phil Liggett, Robbie McEwan, Jenson Button and get a lot of other cycling related activities all under the guise of work over the years

Last week, I took part in some Cycle SG related photoshoots for internal promotions – one of which involved the chance to ride a Yike Bike for the 1st time.  Yike Bike is an electric powered bike – similar to a Segway but seated rather than standing.


I picked up the bike from FSG Mobility just round the corner from the flagship Treknology store in Bukit Merah. 1st thing that struck me when I picked it up was the coolness of the store – they had 2 Tesla electric sport scars sitting in the showroom at the same time.

The Yike folds down to a very small, carry-on size and I spent the first 5 minutes learning how to pack and unpack the folded package. Pretty simple once it’s been done a few times & easily done in about 45 seconds. It weighs about 11kg and is permitted on the MRT so it’s definitely a viable “last mile” transport option – although it can’t be taken on the road at this point ( and I’d never take it there even if legal).

I then tried out the bike on the 100m test track available at the store. Initially, I found the bike a bit sketchy with the steering very twitchy. After 5 minutes, you learn to relax the body and push back into the seat and things became easier when you just learn to go with the flow. The acceleration is excellent and the jet engine noise draws attention. For those that know my cornering ability on a bike, turning circles obviously took me a bit longer but I’d reckon most could be very competent after 15 minutes practice.


The bike itself can get up to 30km/hr and had a range of about 15km on a single charge.  Charging is done from a normal socket and takes about 1.5 hours so its not really an issue.

Prices range from $3.5K for the basic aluminium model to around $6K for the high end Carbon model that I borrowed. A great toy to play around with for a few days!

There will be a promo at OCBC Centre in the week before Cycle SG where you can come down and try a few for free & win some prizes. Worth a look if you’re in the area.

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