The Gentleman Cyclist – Group Rides

Gentleman Cyclist

It seems that The Gentleman Cyclist hit a bit of a nerve last week and there is some pent up frustration regarding the way our groups are riding these days. TGC heard reports from multiple sources over the last few days of rides that did not go as expected where people were either left stranded, where the rides were unpleasant or unsafe.

It is not the role of RTI or TGC to moan or nag or whinge and we want to be light hearted but just 3 points this week.

  1. We ride in a group to ride with the group, not to race the group or prove how strong we are as we accelerate when we hit the front.
  2. A group ride should ride as a group. Some rides have specific, agreed sprint points or hill climbs. Outside those limited areas, the group should be tight, handlebar to handlebar, no half wheeling and no gaps.
  3. No drop rides, which make up the vast majority of the ANZA Cycling rides, are exactly that. The Group rides at the speed of the slowest rider unless there is clearly a slower group behind or the rider expressly says it is ok to be left.

In future weeks TGC will investigate the prickly topic of group ride etiquette but for now, please, no more dropping lone riders on No Drop rides.


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