I’ll admit that I’m pretty much a lazy bstrd when it comes to finding new routes. I do most of my riding solo at 5am and so hunting around for obscure new streets rarely factors in my pre-dawn plans. I want to get my intervals done quickly and then get home for a blast of Bon Jovi over breakfast. Lately though, I’ve been branching out a bit and looking for some loops nearer my house to save me from another trek to West Coast.

Dalvey Loop is a new discovery for me –  and everyone else it seems, as there are only 3 riders listed as trying it on Strava! I’m a big fan as it’s exactly 5km long and (more importantly) 5 minutes from my house.


The loop starts on the corner of Orange Grove Road (just down from Rats) and Stevens Road. From here it’s a fast downhill to Bukit Timah road where you hang a quick left onto Evans. Evans Road starts off as the fastest part of the loop but you soon hit the uphill portion at the end of Nassim Road and get a solid punch in the guts from gravity.

Once the Evans Hill has been crested, there’s another km of Evans to go where it’s a desperate game to get the breathing under control. This leads you out onto Holland Road where you hook a left past Gleneagles Hospital. Follow the road all the way back to Rats Corner and the interesting locals that frequent the area at 5am. Finally left into Orange Grove and a sprint up the Shangri La mountain to the start of the loop again.

5 rides in and I’ve never hit a traffic light and the road has enough ups and downs to remain interesting. With only 3 riders, the Strava KOM is easy pickings for anyone willing to take on the Dalvey Challenge. Bring It!

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