Kit Launch Time

You know we love to leak you news of upcoming events, but this one was so hush hush, that even we didn’t know it was coming.  So you should have all seen the Facebook or email notification of the kit launch this Sunday at our new sponsor Picotin Express on the East Coast.  Hope you can make it so next week we can all be in matching 2014 kit.

imageLocation: Picotin Express, 1 Figaro Street, Siglap 458322

Date and Time: Sunday 9th March, 4pm to 8pm

This week, RTI brings you a special report of Don MacDonald thrashing a strange form of transport that claims to be a bike, but we’ll leave you to judge and comment, more from Martin Reynolds in the Tri-Corner, a secret ride that is “Not another Kranji” and The Gentleman Cyclist takes a first stab at addressing a prickly problem we seem to be having.  Our resident IT Geek also wanted to show off our new event calendar and upcoming events feature, so if you know of rides and events coming up, do comment on the calendar and we’ll put it in so everybody knows.

Weather is still great, so get out there and ride!

And above all….. Let’s be careful out there

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