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Preparation Is Everything

Many thanks to Nicolas who has stuck his neck out and offered to help act as arranger and coordinator for a couple of trips for the club this year.  Since we started this over in RTI towers, we wanted to give Nicolas the maximum airtime to make them a roaring success.

So here is the plan so far.  If you are interested, save the date in your diaries and let Nicolas know per the instructions below.

“Ride to Mersing – 17th and 18th of May
Fellow riding explorers, we are coming back to you with some embryonic plan for club trips. Many thanks to those of you who have taken our survey on the ANZA Facebook page.

The first proposed ride will be directed to Mersing on 17th and 18th of May. Please register your interest by sending an email to Nicolas ( who will coordinate the excursion. The format will be a two day trip from Singapore to Mersing and back:

  • Departure by bum boat from Changi on the Saturday
  • 180 km car/van supported ride to Mersing
  • Overnight in Mersing – Beer, banter, great food!
  • 160 km car/van supported ride back to Johor and Woodlands on the Sunday.

More details to follow.

The second trip will be to Kuala Lumpur tentatively on 14th and 15th of June, with rides to Genting and Frasers. Just in time to sharpen your climbing legs before heading to the Tourmalet.

Ride safe and selamat jalan

Now on to this weeks fun and banter.  It was fantastic to see the ANZA guys sporting the Team Direct Asia kit down in Perth this week.  All going well so far, keep it up and have a blast guys!  Good luck to anybody entering the various OCBC events this weekend, as always, please, please, send photos to so we can give full glory and credit to your efforts.  Anybody who wants to do a write up (quick or long) is more than welcome as I dearly need a week off.

This week we have Tri-Corner, some really bad kit, and the Great KL Caper.  Read on, and enjoy, but most of all…

Let’s be careful out there

The Great KL Caper

PhilipMarloweCartoonBy – Andrew “Lightweight” Cherriman

I woke up, my head was pounding like 12 rounds with Jack Dempsey, my mouth felt like somebody had poured sawdust into it, and the wreckage of the night before was lying all around me.  Light was streaming in through the blackout curtains and it was making my head hurt even more.  It was then I noticed her, the broad in the corner, drawing deeply on her cigarette. “God damnit I thought thats 300 Ringitt The Sweeper is going to charge me to clean out the room”  “Who are you anyway?” I thought “where did you come from?” and “Why don’t I remember meeting you last night?”  As I opened my eyes further I realised the broad was in fact my bicycle with a T-Shirt hanging on it, and it was with a greater horror that I realised that I wasn’t a 1920’s detective and that I was going to have to get up and go cycling.

I cast my mind back to what had caused this disaster to unfold.

A few weeks ago, Mark “The Sweeper” Losi had commented that it had been a year since any of his so called mates had come to visit and so with a flick of my wand I rustled up 6 random strangers, called them his mates and arranged for them to be in KL for a weekend of cycling.  Four of us Alan “One For The Road” Benson, Derek “Road Hugger” Donaldson and Mike “20k” Sewell flew up to KL to be greeted by our gracious host and proceeded to his hotel where we were in the bar by 8pm making sure we were well prepared for the next day of climbing.

The evening proceeded rapidly in the wrong direction when at 9.30 we received news that the carload of John “Stir Fry” Henley, Dave “Road Report” Powell and Raoul “Baby Face” Berthillon were still on the Singapore side of the Tuas crossing.  Quick calculations were done and we realised that we would be doing preparation until about 1am at this rate.  “Barman, another round please!”  I think I left out dinner, but that’s because I have no recolection of that ever happening.

By 2am a few of us had to retire leaving only One For The Road and The Sweeper to greet the late comers.

DSCN0850The next morning, hungover, or tired or both, we gathered at 9am in the lobby 2 hours after the intended start time.  Well, it’s not like it gets hot in KL or anything!

TGKLA1The plan was simple.  Through KL, over Genting Sempah, on to Bentong to rehydrate turn around and come back with a short detour for lunch.

We proceeded out of KL with The Sweeper abandoning his traditional position to take the helm while we navigated out of the city, crossing the Pavé and feeling all Paris-Roubaix which was appropriate considering One For The Road was wearing a Café Roubaix T-Shirt the night before.  Into the hills where the group fell apart of course.  A beautiful 15km-17km climb through the tree lined roads and it gradually got a few degrees cooler.  The descent was epic, nobody behaved like a school boy pepped up on Mars bars showing off in front of the girls on their first downhill ride and the few gravel covered corners were navigated with no physical but a DSCN0864little mental trauma.  About 20km into the descent a few started to get concerned. “Aren’t we going to have to ride back up this?” and “We seem to have been going downhill for a long time now!” were heard a few times “HTFU” was the obvious response.

 10km more downhill and at Bentong a quick decision was made that we weren’t interested in seeing a waterfall and we refilled the water bottles.


 Only 3 bottles of regular 100 Plus what is the world coming to.  That said, that one petrol station, unlike any in Singapore, clearly knew its market as they had a stock of powerbar gels for sale.

 It was at this point that The Sweeper made the fatal mistake of commenting to One For The Road that his headset was a bit loose.  Faster than anybody could say “Do you think its a good idea to dismantle a headset 60km from the nearest bike shop?” he had it apart.  No worries, 20 minutes later it was reassembled with the confident words “You’ll be grand, just use your back brake a bit more coming down the other side of this hill!”  and with those words ringing in our ears, we started the ascent, and by now, it was HOT.  40C+ was being called form various Garmins.

DSCN0865 The first 20km of the climb seemed to fly by as we tucked in behind Baby Face’s wheel, and then the real fun began.  As the hill kicked up the group scattered with The Sweeper taking up his traditional role of making sure nobody fell of the back of the group and Baby Face using his age and weight advantage to punish us all.  By now last nights preparation was well and truly out of the system.  None the less, it was a lovely climb if a bit warm with the sun beating down on our backs.  We regrouped at the agreed turn off point for lunch, where Road Hugger demonstrated the reason for his somewhat strange name, and agreed to abandonDSCN0871 lunch in favour of an earlier recovery session at the bar and headed on up for the worst of the climb, and it is during this last climb that I regret to inform Road Hugger’s family that we nearly killed him.  Well that’s what he made it sound like anyway (big jessie!).

 Another epic descent ensued as we headed back to KL.

 Once back we headed to the bar to “Do Recovery” before heading out for more DSCN0873recovery and Flams.  Back to the hotel for more recovery and an early night ready for tomorrows outing.  In fact, with 3 sessions of recovery in one evening, tomorrow should be  a blinder!

DSCN0874Sunday morning came Deja Vu.  I woke up, my head was pounding like 12 rounds with Jack Dempsey, my mouth felt like….  Actually we all felt a lot better after a few more hours sleep.  On arrival at the lobby I found Baby Face’s bike in pieces.  Somehow he had managed to get a puncture in the lift.

The plan – out of KL towards Genting.  Do The Wall, do Evian, turn around and come home, do recovery again and go to theTGKLA2 airport.  A nice gentle 60km recovery ride, although I think we all felt like we had done enough preparation and recovery in the last 2 days.

 The Wall and Evian are a bit steeper at 10%-12% than Genting Sempah but again, lovely scenic rides, spoilt only by the organ donors (as my traffic policeman friend used to call them) speeding past at 140kph on their way to time-trial Genting.  We went up and over, regrouped, then proceeded up Evian.  Why so called I hear you ask, and the answer is that a few pipes have been hammered into the side of the mountain and from those pipes flows our beautiful refreshing Genting Spring 😉  Due to the lack of rain and the water restrictions in and around KL, DSCN0879there were a number of cars lined up filling jerry cans to take home to beat the crises, a good exchange of petrol for water.  After a brief discussion of whether to tackle Genting we all agreed that we would rather go and recover round the pool with some great food and a few drops of the Amber Nectar, and with that some more outstanding downhill ensued as we tried to maximise our pool time.

 Lessons from the trip:

  1. DSCN0889Fly to KL – Road Report you should have known better.  There may be no closures, but Tuas crossing at 8pm on a Friday, what were you thinking?
  2. It is possible to do too much preparations
  3. It is possible to do too much recovery
  4. Cycling for 7 hours on 5 hours sleep and many, many jars of Carlsberg is harder than it seems
  5. Flams are not just thin crust Pizzas
  6. And finally – It’s all about the company.  Thanks for a great trip.

Too bad for Rogues Gallery?

We started the Rogues Gallery feature recently to capture renegade ANZA members wearing kit from different teams. However in order to qualify, you needed to actually wear the kit and thats something I was simply unwilling to ever do in this case.

The OCBC Professional team are well known for their smashing looking kit – which I rate as one of the best in the pro peleton. Subtle blacks, subdued greys and day-glo pink makes an unexpected but appealing combo.

OCBC staff event jerseys (such as for this weekends Cycle Singapore) are slightly lower on the eye candy scale… The attached is the version produced for this years race. I couldn’t bring myself to wear but just had to share.



Tri-Corner 2014-03-28



Martin Reynolds – Tri Director

Melbourne Ironman results

Major congratulations to all those who took part in the IRONMAN Asia-Pacific Championship Melbourne at the weekend – cold and a bit blustery by all accounts.  Well done to the ANZA members who crossed the finishing line, including (name/time/Age group position)

Matthew Lock 10:14; 86th
Neridah Lock 13:00; 43rd
Julie Kenny 15:28; 62nd

Looking forward to reading the race reports guys!

On The pro front It was a case of last man standing, the return of a “Warrior Princess” and the farewell to a champion.

Luxembourg’s Dirk Bockel outlasted a host of Aussies to take the Asia-Pacific championship in a breakthrough performance. On the women’s front Caroline Steffen, who has undergone all manner of changes including moving to new coach Chris McCormack, returned to her winning ways. There was also the announcement by three-time IRONMAN world champion Craig Alexander that it was his final race over the full distance. In The Men’s Race Dirk Bockel took the win in an amazing time of 8:01 from Australians Paul Matthews and David Dellow, with Austria’s Michael Weiss fourth and Alexander in fifth place. In the womens race Steffen stamped her authority on the race running strongly to take the win in a blistering time of 8:57:56, four minutes clear of American Mary Beth Ellis, with another American Kim, Schwabenbauer, securing her first podium.

App of the week
Seconds Pro. The best interval training timer for iOS apparently. Fully customizable with timer wizards; integration with your itunes music so you can assign the right music to your Sufferest sets vs your yoga sets! Great for those FTP tests as well ! Thanks for the nomination Ed!

Upcoming races
Lots coming up including:

29th March – Batam Triathlon
30th March – NUS Biathlon
13th April – Metsprint triathlon
13th April Putrajaya 70.3
3rd May – Busselton 70.3
11th May – Trifactor Swim
11th May – Vertical Challenge Singapore
17th May – Bintan Triathlon
31 May – Milo Youth Triathlon

Group Ride Etiquette For Triathletes
A reminder that although its OK to bring out your tri bike on ANZA rides, though triathletes also have a key role to play on the group etiquette front, including

  • Aero bars are not to be used in the peloton as they take your hands away from ready access to your brakes and reduce your control. You may ride a TT bike or a road bike with aero bars on group rides but hands are to remain on the hoods while in the group.
  • If pacing behind a group – keep a good 10 metres distance behind so that you don’t interfere or confuse the rolling protocol. You are either in the peloton rotating with the rest of the group or 10 metres behind it

For the full guide to cycling group etiquette – see the ANZA cycling website (under About/Coming for a ride?) or click HERE!

The Rain Is Back

Sunday saw the end of the long dry spell, so it’s back to normal, and for me back to hoping the rain will finish in time to ride home from work without getting soaked.

Our club secretary, Andrew Kinder, shared a link in Facebook following a tragic accident which claimed the lives of several cyclists and that link took me to another video that strangely hit a nerve and that I wanted to share with you.

You see on my daily commute, which these days is usually trying to hit an average power number, I find anything that gets in the way of that power number an annoyance.  Most of those things are of the four wheeled variety and I will generally go left, right, around or between to avoid having to actually stop.  Fortunately I have not yet gone either over or under in my attempts to keep high on the power curve, and I hope that day will never come.

So, for some reason this particular video resonated with me.  So I decided I’ll try to do my bit to live harmoniously with my fellow road users and hope that if I can stop just one driver becoming annoyed then they might think twice the next time they see a cyclist on the road.

you can see it here on youtube or if you are interested, you can see it on the dedicated website

Dear Motorist Video on YouTube

Dear Motorist Web Site

The Metasprint Duathlon was last weekend, so Martin has the lowdown on the results in Tri-Corner, he also features as our under the helmet subject this week.  We want you to help decide the caption competition winner and there is another for you to try your hand at this week.  Finally, Pierre-Alain was out racing for Team Direct Asia in the first of what we hope will be many outings for the ANZA elite squad and so we have a write up from that race.

That’s the lot for this week, but as ever, remembering the video, and in the immortal words of Hill Street Blues…

Let’s be careful out there!

Under The (Aero) Helmet | Martin Reynolds

Martin1Who are you?
Martin Reynolds. Married to Liz.  2 children, Emma aged 11 and Jake aged 8

Where are you from and how long have you been in Singapore?
Manchester, England.  9 years in Singapore 

How long you been riding?
8 years 

Greatest cycling achievement?
Climbing Mont Ventoux. Though returning in one piece following a 330km Audax ride into Malaysia taking 17hours (!) is also up there

Worst crash?
In my condo car park after 5 hours in the saddle.  Slipped at the grand speed of 5kph and landed on hip.  Hospital and crutches followed. 

Most embarrassing moment in life?
Too many to mention.  Though getting locked out of my hotel room in Germany wearing only swimmers was a bit of a ‘Mr Bean’ moment

Most embarrassing moment on a bike?
Getting lost on a Kranji


If your life was a film, what would it be?
Not a clue.

Motto in life?
Do your best 

martin2Motto on the bike?
If you’re not first, then you’re last

Words of wisdom for the club members?
None – I am still learning myself!

Self-rating for bIQ and bEQ (1 is low & 10 Expert)?
bIQ – 6, bEQ – 0 (think I need to be in the peleton to score a 1) 

If your life were a film, who would you want to play you?
I would say Daniel Craig – though I think my kids would say Rowan Atkinson

Favourite SG ride and why?
You can’t beat the Eddies to wake you up on a Wednesday morning.  Also, PulauUbin is a great place to go with the kids.  Quiet roads and a chilled out ride


Where can you be found when not on the bike?

Swimming in the pool or running the Green Corridor


Best ride in the region that you have done?

Any Phuket ride


Cycling ambition still to be tackled?

The bike course at Kona


3 words which best describe you?

Organised, Focused, Energetic



Race Report | Chengdu Road Race

One of the benefits of the new Direct Asia sponsorship of ANZA is that we now get the chance to race alongside the well established Team Direct Asia. The team are mostly HK based (with a couple of SG riders) and get invites to some serious regional events such as the upcoming UCI rated Tour Of Perth and this race in Chengdu, China.
Team Direct Asia started the race with 9 guys – including the well experienced Paolo Caputo & John Tonk. As I was in the Chengdu vicinity on business, I came along to represent the SG chapter of the team.
The race itself was 123km doing multiple loops of a slightly hilly circuit. With 7-8 decent ramps and a total of 980m of climbing through the route, it looked like a tough day on paper. The field comprised of around 100 riders – including 20+ foreigners.
Our strategy was to take part in the attacks and breaks but to not push too hard unless we had decent TDA representation in any break & the break had sufficient mass to stay away & had good tactical opportunity.
The race was fireworks from KM 0 largely through to the end – some attacks were coordinated but most were totally wild and random with little chance of success. I initially got excited and was too active at the front but soon quietened down once I figured out that 120+ km is quite long….
The climbs on the road were similar to Faber steep side – ranging from 500-1000m in length – with max gradient up to 9%. We did this 4 times with the last climb coming 30km from the end. A few others & I offered accelerations to the bunch on the the steep climbs – the bunch elongated but never really cracked. The bunch was mainly cleaned from the back.
With 12km to the finish we decided to focus our efforts on supporting Paolo. I spent a lot of effort on the front during the last 10km chasing down some last attackers – much of which was done alone for 5-6km. This was the hardest point in the race for me as no other teams were helping & the local Chinese teams deployed the  Barrage roadblock tactics as they had guys up the road.
Coming into the flamme rouge & last corner, the bunch was reduced to 20 riders at the front. 2 big crashes had put some guys down and split the bunch.
In the end, Paolo finished 2nd, John Tonk 10th, Rowdie 15th and myself in 19th. We earned 8500 rmb prize for our efforts.
Average speed for the race was 39.6+ km/hr and I burned over 4,000 calories.
The race and the logistic were well organized. 100% safe, perfect asphalt, decent crowds on the road sides and local TV channel coverage.
Everything was good with a  Sichuan spicy Chinese taste! A great first outing for the combined TDA-ANZA team. I’m looking forward to racing in China again with more SG teammates!
Pierre-Alain Scherwey

Tri-Corner 2014-03-21



Martin Reynolds – Tri Director

Metasport Duathlon

Well done to all who took part in last Sunday’s Duathlon which took place around the F1 pit lane.

James Middleditch took the overall honours over the 3k run/20k bike/3krun lung busting distance with a time of 55:29 with Kathryn Marie Haesner taking the womens prize in 1:03:41.

Well done to Trent Standen who was first ANZA member across the line in  1:00:38 and took 3rd in his age category.  Some great performances from ANZA members including (name, time, age group position)

Dean Campbell, 1:02, 9th
Kevin Mcgregor, 1:05, 17th
Kari Nore, 1:08, 7th
Vanessa Lodge, 1:12, 2nd
Kathy Campbell, 1:13, 3rd
Megan Kinder, 1:15, 5th
Ruth Stubbs, 1:16, 7th
Liz Reynolds, 1:23, 23rd

In the Youth’s race (12-15 yr olds) there were some familiar faces:

Jack Grant, 33:42, 2nd
Danielle Cherriman, 44:53, 8th
Ellica Mcgregor, 49:40, 18th

And also in the Kids Race

Jackson Campbell, 24:20, 1st
Luka Cherriman, 30:29, 20th
Elina Mcgregor 34:34, 14th

Kev's daughterApologies if I have missed anyone – let me know if I have so I can spot you in future! Final part of the Metasport Trilogy is the Triathlon on 13 April 2014

Abu Dhabi International Duathlon

The Brownlee brothers again dominated this year’s short course triathlon crossing the line together in 3:12

Well done to new recent arrival Guillaume Rondy with a great performance of 3:56 (11th in Age group)

Open Water Swim

A reminder to join our friends at Athlete Lab for an invigorating saltwater swim this Saturday 22nd March 15:00 – 17:00. This is followed by a optional 5km run for those who are keen!   Frequency: Generally every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.  Where: Tanjong Beach, Sentosa  (meet at Life Guard tower – bikes/bags can be left there). Athlete Lab Coach: Wilson (98784113). Open and no cost to ANZA cycling members.  I have also made arrangements for high tide at Sentosa to be at 3pm this Saturday– so no excuses!

App of the week

Bike Repair by Atomic Softwares.  Billed as the most simple and complete bike repair and maintenance guide on the App store.  Has many photo guides on how to fix common bike issues. $3.99

Bike Repair 2

Bike Repair 1