Under The Helmet | Bjorn Engelhardt


Who are you?

Worrying question …..you sent me the form

Bjorn Engelhardt ….Danish born, Australian accent (and sporting love) and Singapore residency ….work in the IT industry for too many years helping grow our Asia Pacific business so that’s why im posting the good parts of my travel purely to make you guys all jealous.

Where are you from and how long have you been in Singapore?

8 years officially but I think if with travel and my apparent constant holidays its probably only 3-4 years

How long you been riding?

Well according my good “friends” the answer is NOT ENOUGH by the increasing roundness of the girth…..but I started riding competitely in Melbourne (blackburn CC) back in 1985 and kept riding on and off since then.

Greatest cycling achievement?

There have been a few including many great rides around the world in including Japan, , Hawaii, California, France etc…..but I think the one that’s clearly stands out was the 2012 Etape du Tour in Pyranees because of the distance (200km), climbing (5000m) and most of all the most miserable cold, raining, sleeting day. It took me 11 hours and then had to drive solo home for 3 hours from the finish.

Worst crash?

It was around 1992 in Melbourne and I had been out training in the rain …came home and decided I needed some more work and went out and did laps around Melbourne zoo …..more rain, too fast into the corner and nice 30m slide and missed an oncoming car by a second. Always a bright side as the driver rushes (clearly a cyclist), picks the bike and says I think its OK

Most embarrassing moment in life?

No way am I going to answer that seriously…….however I wasn’t proud of my Satanic red wine induced voice throwing at a recent farewell party for one of our members. Kind of sad when they put you in a nice white bed to sleep it off and you wake up with red “stuff” all over the bed and reeking of “Chateau Pissoir”

Most embarrassing moment on a bike?

Apart from every time I don the lycra …….Well kind of related to the worst crash since I tore my nicks and had to walk home hold them together to avoid further exposure.

If your life was a film, what would it be?

It would be a bugs bunny cartoon ……probably one with Foghorn Leghorn in it …….

Motto in life?

Work hard….play harder !!!

Motto on the bike?

Just hang on ….the pain will stop soon ….

Words of wisdom for the club members?

Relax …..its meant to be fun and a way to chill out…..

What’s the last song you’d play before a race to motivate yourself?

Would have to be Little River Band ……hang on ….help is on its way !!!!

If your life were a film, who would you want to play you?

Again back to Cartoons….you can see a theme right!! Peter Griffin from Family Guy ….that way I can say and do whatever I want.

Favourite SG ride and why?

Any ride I can keep up. But I do like riding out the back of Seletar since it close to home, long stretches of no lights and in the morning almost no cars. Favourite club ride would be Changi …….

Where can you be found when not on the bike?

Just check facebook …..too many places to name.

Best ride in the region that you have done?

Singapore to Mersing. It was long, but interesting and there was some great seafood and $5 red wine

Cycling ambition still to be tackled?

Ive done a few Tokyo based rides but have a plan to ride Tokyo to Kyoto across the mountains later this year. The people are so friendly, roads good and some serious hills.

3 words which best describe you?

Apart from fat, dumb and stupid ?? I dunno ……ask the rest of the guys & gals.

Bjorn, your Facebook feed is famous for its endless stream of 5 star hotels in the worlds most glamorous spots. Do you ever feel like just slumming it in a 2 Star hovel in Malaysia for a race?

If you ever hear me suggesting that please thump me over the head. Ok ….so its not all 5 star hotels with champagne and caviar…..ive done a few 4.5 stars and boy it was hard…..just couldn’t get any French champagne and terrible room service. Come to think of it I did slum it last year inFrance …..3 star I think ….and I survived


Whats in Bjorn’s bike cabinet?

Im bit OCD on this ….i don’t like to collect junk and so everything is minimal ……#1 is Dogma2 with Durace Di2 and almost 3 years old now .#2 is a Bianchi Carbon that’s about 6 years old. Wheels- I interchange between Reynolds 46 Carbon and Fulcrum Racing Zero which I actually prefer.

I’m seriously looking at a Tern foldie since I’m fed up with lugging the bike box around.

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