Great Singapore Drought Continues – get out and ride!

Partly CloudyThe great Singapore drought continues with the majority of the island having had no rain since January 13th. Whilst 45 dry days is bad news if you’re one of the 160 tons of fish that died in the past week – they do say that every cloud (when there are any!) has a silver lining. For most of us, that silver lining has been perfect riding conditions, some career high mileage racked up and even a little headwind to make things more interesting.

Anyway, Friday morning means yet another Round The Island to soothe you into the weekend. Grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy.

This week we have an Under The Helmet with the Champagne Playboy (Bjorn Engehardt), some advice for newbies trying one of the Fast rides for the 1st time and some notes on Bike Related Chivalry.  Martin Reynolds also updates us on all things Tri related, and we introduce the Rogues Gallery.

Make hay whilst the sun shines as they say. Get out and ride whilst you can…but lets stay safe out there.


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