Wow! I Mean Wow!

smileSo last week we launched RTI in this new format and we’re delighted that its been looked at over five hundred times in the last week by at least 224 different people.  We are now so popular that we have people writing to us offering money.  In the last week, the editors inbox has received:

  • Notification that we have won $1.5m from a lottery we never entered.
  • Three offers to do unspecified business with us.
  • An invitation from somebody I don’t know called Jeremy to buy “Cheap Ass T-Shirts.”
  • One offer of a loan or other undisclosed financial service.
  • Confirmation from MasterCard that they want to send me $750k if I just start by supplying my name and country details.
  • And…  Of course…. an email from Adeyemi Dipeolu who is executor of the estate of a deceased (unknown) relative of mine who just needs all my details in order to transfer the funds that he has lovingly left to me in his will.

That solves any financial problems the club will ever have.  $2.25m coming our way, lots of business offers, and when it comes to Bintan, we’ve got cheap ass T-shirts.  Fantastic!

Anyway, we just wanted to say thanks for reading, and commenting.  We’ve added a widget at the bottom to make it easier for you to get email updates, so please ‘Follow’.

This week we meet the king of style, Sean Hogan, revise bIQ and bEQ and find out what Strava makes of all the data we send it.

Lets be careful out there…


P.S. Speaking of the above offers, somebody sent me this cartoon… Loved it!

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