RTI is dead. Long live RTI

Today we are launching RTI in a new format.

Don’t get us wrong, we loved the look and feel of the newsletter, but we (Don and Andrew) have day jobs (and often evening, early morning and night jobs) so it was becoming difficult to guarantee you a quality read, or any read at all, on a weekly basis, and at the end of the day, what use is a newsletter that contains nothing new. 

So enough of the why we can’t carry on with the old format, this is what the new format will give you:

  • Searchability – tags and categories so you want to see all the ride reports of the various rides we do, just select that category.  you want all race reports, its right there.
  • Faster turnaround – We’ll add articles as we get them or write them.  If you subscribe to the email update you can be told or you can leave it to Friday, just as now to have a weekly read.
  • Better Pictures – With the old newsletter, we needed to compress them to fit a column width, on the blog you get to see them in their full, dripping sweat, glory.

All in all – same great content from you the members in a format that easier to read, easier to search and easier for us to manage.

We hear you!  Stop your rambling Ed. and tell us what is new!

So we have the Nongsa race reports, Mike’s fantastic write up of what the Saturday 5.30 Rats ride is like, our Tri-Directors great Tri-Corner and we peek under the helmet of Alex Robertson.

We hope you enjoy – please leave comments below, we want to hear if you like or don’t like.  You can even comment on each post.

As always…. Let’s be careful out there! and articles to anzacyclint.rt.ed@gmail.com

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