The East Coast Blast

About two years ago, sick of riding solo up and down East Coast and Changi I thought, ‘what the hell, why can’t ANZA have a ride starting in the East? Let’s try to put one together…’ so I wrote a simple mail to the ANZA Cycling email group asking if anyone was interested in such a possibility.  I actually put up 2 options, one for Thursday evening (ANZA does not have rides in the evening… why??) and one for Tuesday morning.

I received an overwhelming reply: 2 people shown interest for Tuesday morning vs 0 for Thursday night… the Tue Morning East Coast Ride then started the following week.

On that day, 1 of the 2 riders that responded to my mail was out of town so for the first ride it was me and the beloved and departed Mark Losi (hey! no, he is still alive and kicking!! don’t get me wrong, he only moved to KL).  During the first couple of months we did not have to worry about turning people away or splitting into groups as the average number of riders was 3 to 4, a crowd huh?  We did relentless advertising (or sort off)… then all of a sudden things started picking up, I noticed that the arrival of Collin Alexander in the Group with his always cheerful manner and his long reaching connections into ANZA underworld coincided with a spike in numbers (thanks Colin!!) and this coincided also with the spike in speed up Changi straight.

Initially the surge was supposed to last for the length of the landing strip only but then testosterone was kicking in all the time and we ended up pushing all the way to the temple in Changi Village.  Colin is also the mind behind the name ‘The Blast’ as for us humans it was indeed a blast, apparently not so much for some of the ‘ringers’ that have shown up here and there time after time, the first of which was the, now regular, Kevin McGregor who, on his first Tue ride practically went solo for the whole stretch dropping everyone like leaves in Autumn within the first 500mt of the straight… I remember seeing him at one point turning back, looking and (most likely) saying ‘what the heck, where is everyone?  Have I gone through a wrong turn’… Kev, there are no turns over there so do the math!

Some of the ladies show up too, but while most of them make sporadic appearances, we do have our own regular as Ayana is making sure to show some (recently most) of the guys that ladies too may have a testosterone pocket hidden somewhere in their bodies.

The ride is evolving and as of today, due to the appearance of more and more ringers on a regular basis, and now with regularly around 15 riders or more, we had to do something to regulate the speed up Changi straight to prevent accidents and make it enjoyable and available to anyone who shows up, so the ride will be split into 2 groups once at the start of Changi straight,  ‘The Sick Blast’, in this group there won’t be any speed limit and I’m sure sooner or later we’ll see someone taking off beside an A380, and ‘The Sane Blast’ with riders moving up in a well organized single file at around 40+ kph with a speed limit of 43 kph.

Welcome to The Blast!

This are the ride details:

Name: The Blast (from today ‘Sick’ and ‘Sane)

Meeting point: 6am every Tue Morning, Fort Rd roundabout (we leave sharp at 6:00 so people arrive at 6:01 will have to do catch up!)

Format: Steady warm-up 32-34 kph in standard ANZA pair riding all the way to Changi Straight

Allocation of riders in the 2 groups ‘Sick’ and ‘Sane’

Sick Blast, I don’t want to know

Sane Blast, single file at around 40 kph with front rider dropping off to the left after 30 sec – 1 min of pull, all the way to Changi Village Temple

Regroup at the Temple traffic lights and back toward Fort Rd the same way

Rolling pace line with riders coming up from the right and moving to the front on a continuous flow for the length of the air field straight

Sprint (for those who has not yet consumed all the testosterone) to the end of the straight and regroup at the traffic light

Back to Fort Rd 34-36 kph in standard ANZA pair riding slowing down and going through the park path in single file when road becomes one way

Who should attend: Everyone!

Looking forward to see you all in numbers!!




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